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How do I get the 50% discount?

  1. Book Table button

  2. Choose your preferred date and time (from 19:00) and number of guests

  3. Hit the RESERVE button

  4. Enter your details and tap on the blue line: Do you have a code to redeem?

  5. Enter the code: OLIVE50 and CHECK

  6. Press on BOOKING REQUEST and we will confirm your reservation depending on availability

Promotion conditions:

  1. The discount is only applicable to online reservations

  2. Availability of tables may be limited

  3. Only available for reservations up to 8 pax

  4. Only available from 19:00 until the kitchen closes

  5. Discount applies to your entire bill except for selected top shelf drinks

  6. Promotion runs from Friday 20th April 2023 and ends on Sunday 30th April 2023. Management reserves the right to terminate the promotion at it's discretion. All valid reservations will be honoured. 

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